In this case, Wednesday -> Wednesday 💝
  1. This magnificent card the thoughtful and delightful @nikkilounoel sent me.
    In addition to the handwritten note inside, she included a page from a book of poetry.
  2. The season of the season.
    I'm trying really hard not to start hoarding this popcorn.
  3. My hockey boyfriend scored his 750th NHL goal.
    Third player ever. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
  4. A text from my oldest nephew.
    He got a cell phone for his 11th birthday, in May. I told him to text me anytime, and last night for the first time he texted to asked if I thought IT might be okay for him. (In the BLASTNAME Family history, there's an often-repeated story of how I spent middle school face down in all the Stephen King books I could find.) What? No YOU'RE crying a little.
  5. Smencils.
    Middle nephew is 9, and he is obsessed with Smencils. Specifically, his top three: root beer, jellybean, rainbow sherbet. He wanted to borrow my phone to add a bunch to his amazon wish list. I want to give this kid every Smencil in the known world.
  6. Possible reasons the kid pool at the YMCA is so warm.
    An in-depth conversation with my five year-old nephew during lunch while my brother's wife shot me threatening looks anytime it seemed like I might say PEE. He's pretty sure it's because of lice.
  7. Charcoal grey nail polish.
    (Internet stock photo)