Inspired by @stevecady
  1. I probably should've hit submit earlier today, instead of accidentally letting suspense build. Ironically, it was a busy day at work. Thank you @aus10 for you patience. And thank you for organizing March ListAppness. I know you and the judges have worked hard to make the experience fun, and I've had a delightful time participating.
  2. The List App is like no other form of social media, and my experience here has been marvelous. I really appreciate the support I've received during this contest, from the good sportsmanship of other competitors to kind words of friends and strangers alike.
  3. Y'all know this final round is Katie vs. Cady, right? I am honored to 🏀 against a fella who is full of hilarious surprises and thoughtful gems. @stevecady lists like a champion, check him out.