Thanks for the request @jannychan! You were definitely hoping for a quick history lesson, right? 😘
  1. "We Can Do It!" Is an American wartime propaganda poster produced by J. Howard Miller is 1943 for Westinghouse Electric as an inspirational image to boost worker morale.
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  2. During the war, the poster was only used internally at Westinghouse to urge already-hired women to work harder, not as a call to inspire women workers to join the war effort. After the war, the poster was seen very little.
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  3. The poster was rediscovered in the early 1980s, and frequently called "Rosie the Riveter" after the iconic figure of a strong female factory worker.
  4. After its rediscovery, the image started being used to promote feminism. It was on the cover of Smithsonian magazine in 1994, and was made into a US first-class stamp in 1999.
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  5. I wore this costume for Halloween in 2015.
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    I'm a feminist. I'm also a person whose company "encourages" costumes at Halloween, and who liked the idea of wearing combat boots, jeans, denim shirt, and head scarf rather than something complicated.
  6. I like promoting personal strength, self empowerment, and an uplifting attitude.
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    Just like Beyoncé.