Thank you for the excuse to look at beautiful dresses, @aus10 !
  1. I considered a vintage look.
    Shirley Jones winning an Oscar in 1961 in a gorgeous gold bolero.
  2. I would like to shine.
    Like Ava Gardner in this 1962 disco ball number.
  3. Release my inner bombshell.
    When Marilyn Monroe won a Golden Globe in 1962, she looked so fantastic that photos could barely contain her.
  4. But I've decided to go modern.
  5. In ravishing red.
    Naeem Khan is a wizard.
  6. Or glamorous gold.
    I'd be willing to wear Naeem Khan gowns on any occasion. Awards shows? Inaugural balls? Taco Tuesday? I'm in.
  7. With vintage hair goals.
    I'd go big, baby. You can take the gal out of Texas. . .😉