Inspired by @lorothery
  1. Dawson vs Pacey (Dawson's Creek)
    I don't even want to be friends with Dawson.
  2. Ben vs Noel (Felicity)
    Ben is the self-centered "exciting" choice. Noel is trustworthy and reliable. I'm done picking Ben; I pick Noel.
  3. Logan vs Piz (Veronica Mars)
    When we first meet Piz, he's goofy and not very tall. He grows up, but Logan doesn't. Piz for the win.
  4. Spike vs Angel (Buffy)
    Spike loves Buffy so much, he commissions a robot Buffy. Total creep move. I pick Angel.
  5. Tim vs Jason (Friday Night Lights)
    Since Coach Taylor isn't an option in this triangle, I will grudgingly admit I'd probably be putty in Riggins' hands.
  6. Aidan vs Big (Sex & the City)
    Carrie loves the idea of Big more than Big himself. Aidan loves Carrie, even after she breaks his heart. Aidan is the best choice.
  7. Ted vs Barney (How I Met Your Mother)
    I'm nobody's back-up plan. I pick Barney.
  8. Jack vs Sawyer (Lost)
    Sawyer is just going to break my heart. I'll stick with Jack.
  9. Peter vs Jason (The Good Wife)
    How is this even a question? I'd be chasing Jason down the hall.
  10. Fitz vs Jake (Scandal)
    My crush on Scott Foley is years in the making. Fitz is the worst; I pick Jake.