After scouring many many dating profiles I figured someone has to help these people!!!
  1. Don't forget to rotate your pic!
    It's easy enough to do and shows you have some technology savvy!
  2. Don't forget to check to see how you pic looks!
    Cropped not cropped but if your first impression is a profile that has to be opened to see your face, your profile may not get opened.
  3. Don't post pics with ex's...or for that matter, any other woman!
    Self explanatory
  4. Do you only own TShirts? Shake it up a little, have someone take a pic of you when your looking like a girl would go to dinner with you!
  5. Don't post pics of everything but you!
    I love sunsets too but I'd much rather be seeing more pics of the person in the profile.
  6. Don't lie...
    About your height, your job, your vices!
  7. every pic?! No!
  8. Don't advertise that your looking for a relationship if your looking for hookups.
    Why waste anyone's time! There are plenty of fish out there that are only looking for hookups. If your honest you'll get more of what you want.
  9. Don't post all selfies!
    They will think you have no friends!