It's About Time: Inventions That Were a Loooong Time Coming

You know that feeling you get when you stumble across something so revolutionary, yet so NECESSARY that you're just like, "Uhhhhhh... whaaaa...?" Your mind is so blown that you can't formulate coherent thoughts, and yet you also can't fathom how someone hadn't thought of that before? Of course, I made all of these purchases ASAP.
  1. Magnetic Tape
    This is not your run-of-the-mill craft tape. This beauty is flat, like scotch tape, comes on a roll, like scotch tape, but is F'ing MAGNETIC!!! No more school projects flying off the fridge because a refrigerator magnet isn't meant to hold six papers. A couple pieces if this on the back, and I have a construction paper collage now!
  2. Wine Sippy Cups
    They may seem childish, but mark my words, these are AWESOME! I have a wild and crazy family and whenever we have cookouts, it never fails that SOMEONE will toss a ball too hard and crash the cluster of wine glasses on the picnic table. These are plastic, and the ones I bought even have a closable cover over the sippy hole. No more spills, so more dirt or bugs in my cup, and should I ever get my Beach dream again, no sand in my glass!
  3. Spork Multitool
    Yes. I own a spork multitool, and I love it. I am not ashamed. Not only does it have a spork, so I'm ready for whatever impromptu food situation comes my way, but it also has a bottle opener, a can opener, a flathead screw driver and a hex wrench. It's the single mom's best friend. Someone offers you cake, BOOM spork multitool. Deceptive non-twist top beer, BOOM, spork multi tool. Daughter needs her training wheels raised? You guessed it, spork multitool to the rescue!
  4. Halo Top MF'ing Ice Cream
    Do you know what else my spork can be used for?? Cool AF Halo Top ice cream. I was sworn to secrecy on this stuff, but it's just too amazing. First of all, it's only 240-280 calories per pint. That's the same as a typical 1/2 cup serving of other ice creams. Unlike other super lowcal ice creams, however, it doesn't have a weird texture or consistency. It's hella creamy and delicious. The lemon cake is the bee's knees. Most importantly, a pint has 24 gram of protein!!! Like, whaaaat?!
  5. White Board Paint
    I knew that they made chalkboard paint, because apparently that is THE thing to do now, but did you know they make white board paint?! Like you can paint anything and make it an easily erasable surface?? I've only done my daughter's craft table so far, but guess is who is doing her WHOLE house if she ever has another kid? It's like scotchguard for your walls. Why are are we even painting with other stuff, anymore?
  6. Boxed Water
    I bought some at HyVee the other day because it just cracked me up, but it's actually not a terrible concept. Cardboard is recyclable and doesn't wreck the entire planet like stupid plastic water bottles. I typically always use a refillable gym bottle anyway, but when I forget it, like I had the other day, and I just want some water for the road, having the boxed water option available was great. And it's cheaper; it was only $1.79 to feel like a total hipster.