Not original. First list. Don't know what I'm doing.
  1. 💩
    Use him for everything. He is a true reflection of my soul. Smiling shit. Couldn't ask for more.
  2. 😍 & 😘
    I need them to convey my love for my friends selfies.
  3. 🍆
    Dicks n stuff?
  4. ✌️
    Added after sassing someone or pretending I'm cooler then I am.
  5. 🙆🏻 & 💁🏻 & 🙅🏻 & 🙋🏻
    These ladies. Love em. Surprised, bitch plz, no way hold up, and yes I am here love me.
  6. 👽
  7. 🙏
    I thought they were praying hands. Turns out they're high five-ing?? Nah man nah.
  8. 👌
    Literally when I'm pissed off or don't give a fuck.
  9. ✨💖✨
    When my favorite humans need sparkly love.
  10. 😫
    Cause this is a constant emotion I have.