1. "Fuck yes, I am such a badass"
  2. "Wait, I haven't gone running in months. Shiiiiiiit."
  3. "I'm gonna die."
  4. "I need to get on a training schedule ASAP!"
  5. *Finds training plan* "Yup, I'm definitely gonna die"
  6. "Maybe it won't be so bad..."
  7. "I played four years of college soccer, I should definitely be able to do this..."
  8. "Um...you're pretty washed up so that really means nothing at this point."
  9. "Fuck. I'm gonna die at the race, in front of all those people. I'm gonna be THAT GIRL."
  10. "You're not special enough for that to happen, calm down."
  11. "Alright, if I train properly and still do a couple other workouts a week it's gonna be great."
  12. "Do my running clothes fit me anymore? Do I have any warm running gear?"
  13. "Holy shit I'm training during Chicago winter."
  14. "You're a moron."
  15. "Here goes nothing!"