Ah the joys of being a first year special education teacher at an elementary school
  1. "You look like an immigrant at Ellis Island"
    I was wearing a long scarf
  2. "Ms. Douma you talk to much"
    I got this from one student almost daily. He would also tell me I was "doing too much"
  3. "I don't wanna be at school anymore you have to drive me home"
    Not legal also not how school works
  4. "I think the numbers on this worksheet are disappearing. I do them and then they disappear"
    They certainly do not
  5. "Have you ever been homeless?"
    This broke my heart because I know he wanted me to say yes
  6. "If all the students didn't come to school tomorrow do you think the teachers would think they weren't supposed to come?"
    I do think that
  7. "I might not be here next week, Donald Trump is sending me back to Mexico"
    Took me the entire day to convince him he had to do work because if I had anything to do with it he wasn't going anywhere
  8. "I got a 40% on my math test because he hates me"
    No, you wrote 3 instead of 7
  9. "You don't have a boyfriend? That's sad"
  10. "What's all over your face?"
    It was makeup
  11. "How old are you, 45?"
    I'm 21
  12. "What do you mean you're from Chicago and you've never been in a fight?"
    A young Wisconsinite's perception of Chicago
  13. "Fetty Wap is the best rapper of all time"