High school is actually weirder when you go back to teach it at age 21
  1. When I was asked to prom in February
    I'm young but I do not look 16
  2. When I found out there was a 3D printer in the school and asked if they could make me something
    They didn't
  3. When I realized several students assumed that I was dating one of the Spanish teachers
    They then asked me why I wasn't dating him and that was also weird
  4. When a student laid face down on my office floor for 40 minutes
  5. When a teacher told me I wasn't participating enough in my group
    Again, I definitely do not look 16
  6. When a student told me she needed an adult and I was that adult
  7. When I was reading To Kill A Mockingbird to a group of freshman and they asked me if white people are allowed to say the n word that much
    I certainly am not
  8. When the security guard tried to give me a detention for walking in the hallway during lunch