Recently finished this series on Netflix so good, so good.
  1. The opening theme
    Very 80's, creepy and catchy. Took me back to my childhood tv viewing days.
  2. David Harbour
    The perfect mix of grizzled sheriff, jaded, addicted, and a heart of a lion.
  3. Winona Ryder
    Brilliantly messy, a basket case in the best and worst way. Great mom role for her. It made me want to see her in more things, accept a Beetlejuice remake.
  4. The kids!
    I know nothing about casting, but it seems like it would have taken me years to find such great personality and chemistry. Sweet, funny, loyal, smart, diverse. Every kid from every 80's movie (think ET, The Goonies).
  5. Matthew Modine
    Such a terrible human being/government icky person in this role.
  6. The whole serial storyline concept that harkened back to 80's television and movies. Really needed something like this show to come along. Wasn't feelin Orange Is The New Black this season. Thankfully Netflix gave me this gem.