I love sports, but there are a few talking heads that make me reach for the mute button.
  1. Dick Enberg - Dick could never be accused of leaving ANY word unsaid. He just cannot handle silence. And, yes, I know he's a legend.
  2. Jim Nantz - Look, he's FINE, but he should stick to golf. He's far too chill to handle an NFL game.
  3. Phil Simms - He's Nantz' partner in crime and is like listening to your whiny younger brother.
  4. Stephen A. Smith - JUST. STOP. SHOUTING.
  5. Any reporter that acts like they are an athlete's buddy. Isn't there supposed to be journalistic integrity?
  6. Cris Carter - How does this guy (who told NFL rookies to have a fall guy when they get in trouble) have a job related to the NFL?