To Do List 2016

  1. Create a savings account
    I'm now a (almost) fully functioning adult. I can't keep all my money in various checking accounts
  2. Create a five year plan
    This is mostly for grad school/loan planning but still a good idea
  3. Take the GRE
    See previous point - I won't retain high school geometry forever
  4. Figure out a quick loan repayment schedule
    Put those raises and bonus to good use. [God I'm boring. ]
  5. Start writing
    Practice is the only way you'll get better. A secret blog is probably the way to go since you will inevitably try to be funny when you're not.
  6. Get a library card
    There are book you need to read.
  7. Start a list of books you need to read
    Your memory isn't that great
  8. Take up some form of exercise
    I know you don't want to do this, but it is important. Hopefully you can avoid gym membership.
  9. Continue to work on your Spanish
    You're never going to convince your bf to take you to Mexico if you continue to sound like George Bush.
  10. More to come