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An insomniac's manifesto. Full disclosure: most of this does not work, but obscure combinations of a few things on this list might. I'm shooting for description rather than prescription- that's what ambien is for (kidding).
  1. Watch Friends
    On such a low volume that it barely registers with my hearing. Also, always watch episodes that don't segue from one part to another- no matter how many times you've seen Chandler propose you're going to forgo sleep to watch that again.
  2. Listen to boring or already-read-them audiobooks
    I recommend The Hobbit, the iTunes version. I've read the book, seen the movie (just the first, thanks very much Peter Jackson) so the plot doesn't get interesting or distracting. It just lulls me out of my head and into a state of sleepiness.
  3. Read recipes
    It never gets so interesting that I can't put it down, nor is it so boring that move on to something else. A true middle ground. Plus sometimes I figure out what I want to shop for that week.
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Not even a quarter century under my belt so this is apt to change...
  1. Rumors - Fleetwood Mac
    Simple lyrics for complicated life- the soundtrack on many road trips
  2. 21 - Adele
    As a singer, she inspires me. As songs, these healed me.
  3. Greatest Hits - Bruce Springsteen
    For New Jersey, for my father, for a day at the Jersey shore
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