Not even a quarter century under my belt so this is apt to change...
  1. Rumors - Fleetwood Mac
    Simple lyrics for complicated life- the soundtrack on many road trips
  2. 21 - Adele
    As a singer, she inspires me. As songs, these healed me.
  3. Greatest Hits - Bruce Springsteen
    For New Jersey, for my father, for a day at the Jersey shore
  4. Simon and Garfunkel Essentials
    I'm a hippy at heart
  5. Original Cast Album of Dogfight by Pasek & Paul
    Because this is my musical. A dream role
  6. Room for Squares - John Mayer
    No one else has quite explained the new millennium so well
  7. Back to Basics- Christina Aguliera
    Old school class, hard core vocal talent, a heroic album
  8. Hamilton - Lin Manuel Miranda
    Like I need to explain this one
  9. Boston - Boston
    For my mother and her great taste
  10. Little Voice - Sara Bareilles
    Lyrics - good. Vocals - great.
  11. Recovery - Eminem
    Because I had no interest in hip hop until this
  12. Into The Woods - Stephen Sondheim & James LaPine
    For my college musical theatre class. Also for the life lessons I get every time I listen to it
  13. We Sing, we dance, we steal things - Jason Mraz
    Got me through high school, taught me about harmony
  14. Abattoir Blues/the lyre of Orpheus- Nick Cave & the bad seeds
  15. Shrek 2 movie soundtrack - various artists
    For an ok movie, this soundtrack was killer. Made my soul grow
  16. Cinderella Story movie soundtrack- various artists
    Because I grew up with Hillary Duff and this album reminds me of all that was good and pure
  17. Breakaway- Kelly Clarkson
    She's a personal hero. And that voice
  18. A Hangover You Don't Deserve- Bowling For Soup
    Fond memories
  19. Play On - Carrie Underwood
    The kind of country music I can get on board with
  20. Blink 182- Blink 182
    I was born after 1990- gotta be a Blink fan
  21. Eagles Greatest Hits Vol. 1&2 - the Eagles
    My parents have great taste