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  1. "Excuse me, you are on fire."
    - said in a calm, butler-ly manner by Medivh's Valet
  2. "It only costs MyYYYyyy SoOOouuUL
    - Manic Soulcaster. Same.
  3. "I'm warning you! I'M UNSTABLE!"
    - Volatile Elemental. The most on brand thing. I could not have sighed "same" any faster. THIS.
  1. 178
    Answer to: "what channel is cartoon network again?" // Times asked: 4
  2. You tried level 2 twice already and both times you said "Huh...I think I can take level 3..."
    Answer to: "should i get spiciness level 2 or 3?" // Times asked: 2
  3. Well fuck if i know
    Answer to: "where are my keys!?!" // Times asked: *error: cannot be found*
  4. She wont know, you dumbo!
    Answer to: "Honey, do you know where my keys are?" // Times asked: *error: cannot be found* // I love you, Renee. 😅
✖️ = covered by another artist/s (I will state them once I found out)
  1. ✖️"I Wanna Be Sedated" - The Ramones {A Cure For Wellness trailer}
    so ominous! i love it!
  2. "The Cloud Atlas Sextet" {Cloud Atlas}
    lowkey want this to be my wedding march
  3. "Don't Get Deleted" - Awreeoh (fictional band; written by Pharell) {Dope}
    i love the band in this movie!
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How many I wish I could pull off: all VS. How many I can actually pull off: chicken nugget
And these were the top ten that made me go "...the fuck???"
  1. This rad street art
  2. This strange muscular basketball playing eagle with manicured fingernails
  3. "Lets smoke dank!" Lol. Lets!
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  1. "Vanilla Pudding" - My Cloud
    Self explanatory. I also use it to shift from a fruity flavor to a pasty flavor since it makes the fruit taste like pancakes.
  2. "Dark Elixir" - Vapor Crave
    Raspberry with some mint.
  3. "Blueberry Bubble" - Airheads Hyper E-Liquid
    Oh god. I went through at least 150ml already. Its great but I'm getting zombie tongue. 😅
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  1. Always on her phone
  2. Loves hummus
  3. Loves tacos
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  1. Beca Mitchell & Chloe Beale
    Honestly my otp. PP3 has one more chance to make our dreams come true. PLEASE.
  2. Clarke Griffin & Lexa
    *sigh* these two...
  3. Korra & Asami Sato
    *sighs louder* THESE TWO
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