1. Halfblood
    Me dad's a muggle. Ma's a witch.
  2. House: Hufflepuff
    Black & yellow. Reppin' a bit of green & silver but only cause I'm one of those Hufflepuffs that are chill but can be your worst nightmare if messed with.
  3. Patronous: Dog
    Probably an adolescent golden retriever. Or a pitbull pup.
  4. Quidditch Position: Beater
    Batter up, bitches!
  5. Familiar: Owl
    I'd name it Dog.
  6. Favorite Class: Care of Magical Creatures, Transfiguration
  8. I'd be startled every damn time one of the ghosts come out of the wall or the sink or the table. EVERY. DAMN. TIME.
  9. I'd pet all the cats. You got a pet cat? Consider it petted.
  10. I'd be pretty much okay with all the houses. I mean the only thing I hate about Hogwarts is that there used to be a huge ass snake somewhere bellow the dungeons.
  11. I'd be alright hanging out with the Slytherins. But please no snakes.
  12. I could probably hold a conversation with a Ravenclaw about wizarding theories for a couple hours.
  13. I'd want to teach the purebloods (although everyone is welcome) about the wonderful world of Dungeons & Dragons. And maybe even develop a wizard version complete with semi-sentient miniatures and magical game maps!