Every day carry. Or, whats in my pockets.
  1. Wallet
    Fake leather. Cheap. Holds license, membership cards, and arcade cards. Money is optional (but greatly appreciated).
  2. Protection
    Not yet used. Hopefully never has to be.
  3. Keys
    Replacement keys. Bonafide keys still missing.
  4. Swiss Army Knife
    Given as present from parents after trip to Switzerland. Already cut me. Most used feature: scissors.
  5. Knife
    Ganzo G732. Paramilitary clone. Dont tell my parents.
  6. Flashlight
    For when I have to walk back from night classes. Or shadow puppets.
  7. Journal
    Songwriting. Thought spiraling.
  8. Vape
    Praxis Banshee. Peerless RDA. For cloudy days.
  9. Glasses
    This counts. I carry it on my face.
  10. iPhone
    Cant provide photo. I'm using it right now.