1. "But i'm like so shy; I feel like such a hobo."
    (girl, school, dlc)
  2. "Its fried fish, dude! ITS FRIED FISH!"
    (guy, faura bench, 7:59pm)
  3. "Thats why it upsets me when people wanna become white like what the fuck? What is wrong with you?"//"I love your skin color."//"I love YOUR skin color!"
  4. "Oh my god. I cant wait to inherit my dead grandpa's Rolex!"
    Good lord. Girl. Mcdonald's 12mn.
  5. "Paolo! I'm gonna be a kuya!!!"
    excited little boy @ AGS
  6. "You should be excommunicated you asshole!"
    girl, leong
  7. "I LOVE Cirque du Soleil! Its SO HOT!"
    loud girl in already loud Red Roaster
  8. "Lets check ABS CBN's twitter. They always have news for some reason."
    loud girl's friend
  9. "This is the epitome of white asians. They just look SO GOOD!"
    one of them loud girls
  10. "I love Koreans! They make me miss high school!"
  11. "Oooh you can create your character? YAAAAS!!! I'm gonna make myself look like a hoe!"
  12. "I'm gonna be gay and then romance all the housewives! Except Susan."