1. "Vanilla Pudding" - My Cloud
    Self explanatory. I also use it to shift from a fruity flavor to a pasty flavor since it makes the fruit taste like pancakes.
  2. "Dark Elixir" - Vapor Crave
    Raspberry with some mint.
  3. "Blueberry Bubble" - Airheads Hyper E-Liquid
    Oh god. I went through at least 150ml already. Its great but I'm getting zombie tongue. 😅
  4. "Mentos" - Candy Corner
  5. "Tikii" - Witchcraft Brewing Co.'s "Stud" line
    Tastes like ripe indian mango with a hint of mint. Delicious.
  6. "RY4" - Premium Blend E-Liquid
    Okay idk if this goes for all RY4 flavors out there but this one tastes like boba. Its great!
  7. "Erudite" - Limitless E-Liquid
    They have a line named after all the Divergent factions. This one is custard.