1. Markiplier
    A lot of his videos made me laugh my ass off when I thought I couldnt. I love Mark so much. Bless him.
  2. GrimmGreen (Nick Green)
    My favorite vaping youtuber. Gives really good honest opinions on products. Really cool travelogs.
  3. Strain Central (Josh)
    Honestly a really cool guy. I feel like he'd be chill to hang out with. Always betting on positivity. ☺
  4. AfterPrisonShow (Joe Guerrero)
    Love his prison stories. Also he gives me hope. He survived 7 years in prison and now has his own channel. I feel like his videos also raise awareness about life in prison. We often forget about the prisoners.
  5. Crutch 420 (Joe)
    Goes extreme, man. He's lit ALL. THE. TIME. That alone is entertaining to watch. 😂