Cute things my two year old has done

I'll add stuff as they happen so I don't forget all the awesome stuff he does!
  1. Modeling his daddy's glasses
    (Every time he wears these he points to himself and excitedly says "dada!" And we all assure him that he does indeed look just like his dada.)
  2. He played hide and seek with his cars.
    He would hide one car and have the other car look for it while saying "where are you" and then "there you are" when he found it.
  3. When we pulled up to his dad's work he said "I love you!" Cause he recognized where we were.
  4. I heard him in his bedroom when he was supposed to be taking a nap making exaggerated breathing noises to pretend he was sleeping.
  5. One time he was whining about something he wanted and I said "can you ask nice" and he replied "niiiiiiiiiiice!" in the sweetest voice ever!
  6. He likes to shower with his dad and will bring always go get two toy cars when it's time to shower. One for him and one for his dad.
  7. I was watching my show and he wanted me to change it to a kid show. When his whining didn't work he started saying "I love you"
    Haha, he is so much smarter than I realized.
  8. He parked his cars perfectly on the piano
  9. When I showed him his little brother's band aids, he immediately brought him his blanket.
    He loves his blanket more than anything so it shows what a thoughtful thing that was. Also, he kept pointing at his brother the rest of the day and said "Oh no! Hurt!"