Things that made me cry when I was pregnant

  1. The Amazon Prime commercial with the dog that has a broken leg
    "The poor little dog just wants to run with the other dogs, but he can't!"
  2. The "I'm Gonna Love You Like I'm Gonna Lose You" music video
  3. When my husband said he'd be home in 20 minutes but he meant he would leave in twenty minutes.
    He only works 15 minutes away
  4. Looking at my first sons baby pictures
  5. The episode of HIMYM where Robin finds out she can't have kids.
    But that does even when I'm not pregnant
  6. When I straightened my hair and then realized it was raining outside
  7. The opening of finding nemo
    Or basically any Pixar movie really
  8. When I found out my Mother-in-law is super allergic to cats and I couldn't get a cat
  9. When Nyle won ANTM
  10. The Julian Smith music video for "B Story"
  11. The Julian Smiths video "Baby How U Like Ur Eggs"