These are some things I notice all the time that I think people don't even realize they are doing or maybe don't even realize is wrong.
  1. Treating other Humans like Humans
    This is my biggest pet peeve. I see too many people acting like others aren't even humans because they are different.
  2. Not defining success with a Dollar Sign
    Why is what you do or how much you make how people want to define self-worth?
  3. Being patient
    Do you know how many videos there are of people who speed up to go across a railroad in front of a train cause they don't want to wait five minutes for the train to pass. That is so dumb. You would rather die than wait a few minutes.
  4. Not judging someone because they were given a harder life than you.
    I hate when people compare others with problems by saying things like "well I just work hard and fight for what I want and they are just being lazy!" Ya, you can't compare someone living somewhere else with different challenges to you, even if you have your own struggles, no one is the same.
  5. Being positive
    I end with this cause it may seem like I've been negative. But I know the world has so much good in it. I wish everyone could try to assume the best of people, especially when you don't know them. So, if someone is driving crazy, just think "maybe they have a new baby that cries if they stop so they are trying to get home without any red lights" (a situation taken from my real life.) Or if they are going slow maybe they are transporting a cake that slides if they go to fast (also, IRL)
  6. What do you think we should work on to make the human race better?