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See if u can spot a pattern??
  1. Aflac
    Not the worst but like cmon dude. A duck? Guess I don't really get why you'd make ur brand mascot so annoying.
  2. Geico
    Ive often joked that I wanna become CEO of Geico so I can run it into the fucking ground
  3. The General
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there's a bunch of really great shows in this world. some of them (parks, veep, west wing) I remember... these are the ones I forget about but I always enjoy.
  1. Party Down (2009-10)
    If u know me u prolly know I have a giant ol crush on Adam Scott. This is the show that sort of launched him - before parks when his biggest role was romcom sidekicks. This show is amazing, has great writing, and rele lovable and well thought out characters. I'm not really gonna talk about what the plot is because it doesn't matter too much. Just an all around brilliant comedy. Best Eps: Not On Your Wife Opening Night; Celebrate Ricky Sargulesh...
  2. Red Oaks (2015-)
    A recent show that I just finished while making this list; only ssn 1 has been released. I started this show because it's produced by Steven Soderbergh. It also reminds me of some of my favorite teen coming of age movies from and set in the 80s (like Fast Times, Ferris Bueller, and more recently Adventureland). It's very watchable. Richard Kind and Jennifer Grey (tbt Dirty Dancing) are great as protagonist David's parents. Great soundtrack of hidden 80s pop treasures too!
  3. Undeclared (2001-02)
    Admittedly not for everyone - can be a little immature and Judd-Apatow-gross-y. It's another feel-good show, even if it's not as substantive or honestly good as Freaks and Geeks. All the Apatow regulars are here in their baby forms plus a young Charlie Hunnam Jay Baruchel and Carla Gallo.
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List of things I know will make them worse but will do anyways
  1. Stay up till 3 am
  2. Not take cold medicine
  3. Not make myself tea/drink fluids
  4. Walk for 20 minutes in the rain (pouring rain)
  1. Elmo in Grouchland
    one of my earliest memories is leaving the movie SOBBING and holding my dads hand
  2. Tigger Movie
    similar to Elmo but sadder somehow
  3. Billy Elliot
    i do ballet so this one hit home. not sure i actualllllly cried tho (ps the musical was shyt)
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The best shows on what is secretly everyone's favorite tv network
  1. Income Property
    Underrated gem. Scott is talented and kind and wonderful and magnificent etc etc etc
  2. Divine Design (RIP)
    Man this was one of the greats. Still pissed the series ended. Candace Olsen might just be the goat.
  3. Design Star
    SSN 1 ONLY. Where David Bromstad won and they used all their good ideas - later to be repeated each season.
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  1. Las Vegas
    here's the only photo i took - not a big fan of Vegas was not compelled to take pix of bellagio fountain show to the tune of "proud to be an American"
  2. Grand Canyon
    seriously so big this picture does a shit job of showing how amazing pls go
  3. Cameron Trading Post
    there was an amazing sunset at the place we stopped off at in the Navajo reservation
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I was on a plane today on my way to Las Vegas. That was my first mistake. Sitting near me on this plane was a man who could best be described as a spray tanned douchebag looking Richard M. Nixon clone. I will now describe what he did
  1. 1.
    called the female flight attendants "hon"
  2. 2.
    played vids (likely vines) loudly thru his phone speaker
    on a plane in the middle of a flight
  3. 3.
    very conspicuously checked out female passengers' butts
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@louisa_rd dis one for u
  1. 1.
    A nice person
  2. 2.
    A good friend
  3. 3.
    A good barista
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  1. Good
  2. Overwhelming
  3. Help im not funny
    At all
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