1. Crafty PA spilling a lobster pot full of boiling oil.
  2. PA's trying to carry 8-foot glass panels in Midtown at 3pm in a stiff wind.
  3. 15-pass vans driving into parking garages with insufficient clearance. Roofs destroyed.
  4. People passing out while getting tattooed.
  5. People crying while getting tattooed.
  6. People getting in fist fights about tattoos.
  7. 15-pass vans getting hit by police cars.
  8. 15-pass vans getting mirrors taken off by passing buses.
  9. 10 adults losing their minds trying to secure clearance for a helicopter shot around 1 World Trade the night before the shoot.
  10. Contestants crying/fighting/sleeping together.
  11. Crew members crying/fighting/sleeping together.
  12. A camera man leaning out the side of an open minivan with a $10,000 camera at 60 mph in order to secure B roll of a bridge.
  13. PA, when told to cook something for crafty, melting 20 candy bars together in the microwave.
  14. Coordinators scrambling to reroute crew shuttles because one of them needed to stop by Subway to pick up an exec's sandwich.