I am an adult male, 6ft tall and 125 lbs. I didn't choose to be skinny but many people, friends and strangers, feel the need to weigh in on my size (pun intended). Suggestions welcome if you relate to my struggle!
  1. What do you eat?
  2. Do you even eat?
  3. Do you eat meat?
  4. You probably just eat vegetables huh?
  5. You're not getting enough protein.
  6. If you drink (said) protein shake everyday you will gain weight.
  7. I can barely see you you're so thin.
  8. Do you exercise?
  9. You're just not getting enough calories.
  10. Are your parents thin?
  11. It's genetic.
  12. You have a fast metabolism.
  13. You're not getting enough protein.
  14. You need to eat more.
    One of the most popular myths out there. I generally invite the commentator to watch me at thanksgiving and then tell me "I need to eat more."