1. Hydrogenous
    oils in food that are sexually attracted to the most common element (hydrogen)
  2. Calzoner
    when a male becomes aroused by a popular Italian menu item
  3. Soundagooda
    sounds good, but better
  4. Mara-juana-thon
    using cannabis in many forms during a given time to raise money for a charitable cause
  5. Voluminati
    a hair product that adds volume and makes you feel like Beyoncé. (You know the typical commercial with the digital images of hair and the yellow beads penetrating and moisturizing)
  6. Frappachinchilla wafer
    Frappé + chinchilla + wafer. I dare you to say it out loud.
  7. Sargasm v. (sargasmic adj.)
    the climactic feeling after hearing anything that is simultaneously hilarious and sarcastic
  8. Pro bonobo attorney
    Offering free legal representation to apes