1. Self-service kiosk
    Some airlines have recently renovated their departure terminals with self check kiosks and luggage drop off points. Can be the quickest and easiest option of your itinerary doesn't require a complex change.
  2. Curbside
    When the line is too long at the check in desk, check your luggage with the curbside crew helping unload cars. They can be the difference between catching and missing a flight. Note: Tipping is not required, but they'll be expecting one.
  3. At the gate
    Depends on many different variables, including, how full your flight is, how large your bag is, how big the plane is, etc. The rule of thumb is if you're flying on a regional jet, the airline will most likely make you check anything bigger than a personal item at the gate.
  4. Service desk
    This by far can be the worst option depending on the how busy the airport is. You can wait forever behind people dealing within complex reservations and other travel issues. Depending on the airline/airport, this desk can be separated from the baggage check area.
  5. Baggage check only desk
    Though usually unlikely, sometimes people hold up the line here too by asking the desk agents way too many questions about their reservations. Not a bad option.
  6. Don't check your bags-- ship them!
    If you absolutely have to bring everything besides the kitchen sink with you on your 3 day vacation, pack it, ship it, and don't worry about dealing with it. To make life easier, you can schedule your carrier pickups and never lift a finger.