(screenshots of recipes didn't count!)
  1. supes cute picture of husband and our beloved Lulu ❤️
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  2. my too-long bangs. I was going to share this on Instagram but I couldn't think of a good enough joke for the caption.
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  3. a photo of leftovers? which I intended to include with a tweet about how leftovers always look like vomit the next day? I decided it was too gross-looking to actually include photographic evidence, but I didn't delete the photo for some reason. lucky you?
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  4. she's not allowed on the bed and she knows it. I snapped this angrily and sent it to Josh when he was out of town. "SEE? SHE DOESN'T LISTEN TO ME WHEN YOU'RE GONE"
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  5. I don't remember which show we were recording, but this is my view when we podcast.
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