I aint usually this deep on the internet lol, but this is just me sifting through my thoughts, trying to decipher my experiences and figure out what my next step is. Debating whether or not leaving what was once your dream behind is quitting or growing and how one would know the difference. Just some questions that need answers.
    Is it quitting if you no longer feel the excitement and urgency you used to? Is it quitting if you've lost the passion for it before you got a chance to find success in it? Is it quitting to stay in the same game, but change positions?
    Is there a limit to the amount of times you can reinvent yourself? Do you have to force yourself to thug it out and find success in one field before you leave it alone and indulge in a new passion? What do you do when you've had dreams of becoming Michael Jordan, but begin to think you may be bred to become Phil Jackson? (Just an example, but you get the point.)