Addressing some popular assumptions that people might make about veganism 👌
  1. Vegans don't think they're better than you
    Sure, I don't agree with eating meat or any animal byproducts or buying leather, etc., if I did I would be doing that, but I don't think this gives me more self worth as a human being than you.
  2. People on a vegan diet are plant based, not vegan
    If you still wear leather, you're not vegan, ya feel!?
  3. It's not a fad, vegans typically have very good ethical reasons to go vegan
    Environment, against animal suffering, economics (meatonomics), world hunger, etc.
  4. Vegans probably aren't bullying you
    Yeah, ok, no doubt there is the odd vegan who can get genuinely nasty and start being a complete asshole, but most of the time vegans are just trying to tell you what you support when buying animal products so that you can make an informed lifestyle/ethical decision.
  5. Vegans deal with a lot of hate just by mentioning the fact they're vegan
    True story: I was in an acting workshop once, and this girl and I went down to the corner store to get something to eat. I looked over at some kind of food and said something along the lines of "oh I wish I could have that" or "damn, I can't have anything on that menu" to which she replied "why not?/why?" and when I told her I was vegan, she turned around, looked me dead in the eye and announced "I hate vegans"
  6. You're not automatically healthy because of veganism
    This should be obvious, but hey, let me just say it anyway.
  7. Vegans aren't all like freelee
    Although I like freelee a lot of people don't, in fact, a lot of vegans don't! So try not to judge a movement/diet/lifestyle on one/a set of individuals.
  8. Vegans aren't lacking in protein
    The fact is, if you are eating healthily and are eating enough, you are going to be fine! B12 may be an issue but every other vitamin can be easily obtained from a plant-based diet, and yes, that includes iron. #youdontneedtotakesupplements
  9. Vegans aren't limited on food options
    Go on Pinterest
  10. I don't want to turn my cat/ferrets/obligatory carnivorous animal vegan
  11. Vegans usually know what they're talking about
    I have done hours upon hours upon hours upon hours of in-depth research into this, so please don't tell me I'm uninformed.
  12. Veganism is not like a religion
    Unlike a religion, which is based on faith, veganism is based solely around science and fact 👍
  13. Vegans can still eat chocolate
    My favourite treat to get at the shops? Pre-made chocolate icing in a tub