1. Getting straws out of their wrappers without damaging the straw
    I always end up just peeling the paper off like its a banana or something
  2. Not screaming when I get overwhelmed by crowded places
    I mean, I don't, like, SCREAM scream. I just let out an exasperated "AAARGHHHhhhh" ya kno? Plus everyone always backs away from a screaming girl, so I get my space and they get to be further away from the screaming girl--everyone wins! (Is this really weird)
  3. Saying the word "particularly"
    I can't say it. I always say it like "par-ti-kyur-ly" or "par-ti-kur-lur-ly" because I am a worthless excuse for an adult
  4. Not crying when I see dogs
    This is a recent development. I think it's because I'm the last year I lost both of my pets (and also my mom and grandfather, but that's a different story) so I'm pretty emotional/excited when I see animals, but I actually start crying when animals are nice to me. Fortunately this has only happened in front of my good friends but they still think it's weird that I cried because a dog licked my hand