1. Harry Styles
    If he was like "Ello Keira wanna 'ave a go at it m8?" (That's how British people talk right?) I would be like "YES" even if he was wearing that stupid red pinstripe suit (pictured).
  2. Justin Kim
    I'm not sure if he counts as a celebrity because he was on this most recent season of America's Next Top Model, but LORD is he attractive. They don't call him J-Smooth for nothing.
  3. Demi Lovato
    My feelings for Demi Lovato are a cross between "I want to be you" and "I want to put my mouth on your mouth"
  4. Justin Bieber
    This is a new development for me and I'm not sure how to deal with my newfound emotions. Like, he's an asshole, sure, but something tells me he knows how to use that eggplant emoji! (I grossed myself out typing that but also I'm not ashamed??)
  5. Beyoncé
    This is the woman who brought us one of the sexiest albums of our time. I don't care who you are; if Beyoncé says she wants to make sweet, sweet love to you, you say yes. YOU SAY YES.
  6. George Clooney
    Hot damn, do I even need to explain why I would absolutely sleep with this silver fox?!
  7. Shay Mitchell
    Ughhhhh omg this racially ambiguous butterfly of a woman is so perfect. Look at her. LOOK AT HER. She's perfect and I would smooch the shit out of her.
  8. Fassy
    If I talk about him any more on List app or life in general it's going to get embarrassing/creepy real quick.
    Suggested by   @OffTheDott