This man never fails to make me laugh and has some of the best one liners on Billy On the Street! Add your favorites! 😎
  1. "She invented the wrap dress, you stupid bitch."
    To a person who didn't know who Diane von Furstenburg was
  2. "True or false: masculinity is a prison."
  3. "Drew Barrymore would HATE eating a blueberry! Drew Barrymore would kill you if you even OFFERED her a blueberry!"
    From the game Would Drew Barrymore Like That? with Will Ferrell
  4. "Madonna was amazing, and she had Cee Lo on, too! What a night for tiny arms!"
    Regarding Cee Lo Green's performance with Madonna at the Super Bowl
  5. "Rounding the corner with a bunch of lesbians! Here we are, Manhattan, CAN YOU HANDLE IT?!"
  6. "This is a game I like to call: What Does Katy Perry's Cat Care About?"
  7. "Let's see your prize! Oh, it's the apostrophe from Lupita N'yongo's name!"
  8. "You're gonna go do a Broadway show right now, you're gonna leave me with fuckin' MIKE AND MOLLY? What am I supposed to watch now, THE CRAZY ONES? I NEED CHARACTERS TO ROOT FOR!"
    To Neil Patrick Harris regarding the end of "How I Met Your Mother"
  9. "I love America, but Americans wouldn't know genuine enchantment if it fucked them in the ass!"
    On Pixar's "Ratatouille"
  10. "I pay $100 to get in there, and they don't have the decency to offer me some type of ride where I can sit on some sort of phenomenal rat?! ASSHOLES!"
    On the lack of a "Ratatouille" ride in Disney World
  11. "What about Pixar's 'Brave'!? No one liked that! You'd better be brave to deal with what is most likely a DISGUSTING BUSH!"
    Basically Billy's entire Pixar rant is amazing
  12. "Excuse me?! You want to be penetrated by a dirty man?! I'm right here! I'm right here!"
    To Joel McHale after the Mo'Lympic Games.
    Suggested by   @OffTheDott
  13. "If you could hypnotize me to stop eating pasta all the god damn time I'd be thrilled" -Difficult People
    Not from Billy on the Street, but just as relatable.
    Suggested by   @collmurphy
  14. "The Beatles were holding Yoko Ono back!"
    From Difficult People