With 3 kids my obsessive sports watching habits had to be curbed, I don't watch highlights as I prefer to see the nuance in sports. NFL, college basketball, NHL, racing, etc. I don't have anytime for. The following teams get my time.
  1. San Francisco Giants
    My true love. Class organization. 3 titles in 6 years. Best ball park. Great city. A narrative that changes daily.
  2. Golden State Warriors
    They don't have the Giants history, but the new ownership has made the team relevant and now Champions. Steph Curry. Draymond. Klay. Bogut. Iggy. LB. Mo Buckets. Festus. Livingston..,
  3. Alabama Crimson Tide Football
    My alma mater. Big time tradition. Smash mouth football. Got to play D to win in sports and Bama plays the game right. Roll Tide.
  4. FC Barcelona
    Messi!!! The greatest footballer and the Blaugrana have been playing the most attractive football of anyone over the past 10 years
  5. Spanish National Team
    Great football on the international level. Once again very stylistic and attractive.
  6. US Men's and Women's National Teams
    Home country. Got to represent in world football.
  7. Los Angeles FC
    Haven't started yet, but I'd love a team to root for in my hometown.