1. Daycare owner
    In second grade my class had to decide what we wanted to be when we grew up. While other kids wanted to be rockstars, doctors, or teachers I wanted to run a daycare. Very exciting.
  2. Mom
    Hasn't every little girl just wanted to be a mom?
  3. Nanny
    There used to be a show on TLC about Beverly Hills Nannies. I thought their lives were so glamorous and exciting. Oh 'reality' tv.
  4. Singer
    My mom wanted me to audition for America's Got Talent. She set up the video camera and we were all ready to go until I had a meltdown and refused to perform my song.
  5. Restaurant owner
    This was probably nine years ago, my friend and I had it all figured out. We were going to run the restaurant (which we poorly named 'Yo Home Skillet') with our husbands (the poor boys we were crushing on). My husband was going to be the greeter, I was going to be the manager, and my friend and her husband were going to be the chefs.
  6. Cupcake shop owner
    This was when the whole world was obsessed with cupcakes. My friend and I (yes, the same one who came up with the great idea of 'Yo Home Skillet') were going to open up a cupcake shop. I was going to manage and she was going to bake. See a trend? I can't cook...at all.
  7. Actor
    I applied to AMDA and was planning on driving to Seattle to audition. I wasn't prepared at all so I decided not to go. I was also 'forced' to audition for the Wizard of Oz at my high school. I didn't prepare at all and completely bombed the audition. I was cast as a munchkin where I was supposed to walk on my knees for the entire show. I never went to another practice.
  8. Forensic scientist
    I was really into shows like NCIS and CSI. It should be known that I don't understand anything science related.
  9. FBI/CIA agent
    Three years ago I wanted to be a police officer for a few years then try to become an FBI Agent or a CIA Agent. This was after watching Zero Dark Thirty a bunch of times.
  10. Accountant
    My freshman year of college I switched my major to accounting and wanted to be an accountant for a short period of time.
  11. Business owner
    I took a class in college where we listened to business owners speak and it was very inspiring.
  12. Unsure
    I have no idea what I want to spend my life doing. Maybe I'll learn how to cook and open up a 'Yo Home Skillet' spinoff - The Toaster - where we toast every single piece of food. It's doable.