1. Run a wet comb through your hair for that wet, slicked-back look. To maintain look, carry a wet comb with you for the rest of the day.
  2. A wrinkled shirt can mean a no to a second date. So take it off and show your date that you have the confidence and physique to go topless.
  3. Swim trunks to a wedding? Of course not!
  4. Wash your face daily and stay away from chocolate if you don't want acne.
  5. If you already have acne, consider a career that does not involve interaction with the public.
  6. Are you vertically challenged? Platform shoes are one option. Another is to tell everyone you're royalty and they must kneel when speaking with you.
  7. Skipping a shampoo for a day or two is fine because it helps maintain your hair's natural nutrients (but apparently skipping work for two days without telling the boss is not fine, even though you were just tired of all the bullshit in the workplace).
  8. Mixing prints is okay, as long as they are not animal prints of animals that are natural enemies, e.g., leopard and raccoon.