1. He has to watch her put on her shoes before she goes to work
    He throws a fit when he misses this opportunity or he fears he'll miss it.
  2. He likes to smell her pillow.
  3. If she's not the first person he sees in the morning, he'll scream "Mommy" until he finds her.
  4. He's overly concerned with her physical appearance
    When I told him that we were all going to a social event that weekend, he asked of his mother: "Will she brush her hair and look pretty." He often comments on the state of her hair.
  5. When we're out together , he'll insist on holding her hand; he'll only reluctantly hold mine also.
  6. He said he wanted to marry his mother when he was older.
    When it was explained to him that his mother was already married, he consented to an alternative spouse, but these were the living arrangements he envisioned: his mother and he would share the master bedroom, I would sleep in the living room with the baby of him and his spouse, and the spouse would sleep in the shed outside.