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It's hard to find horror movies that are good. It's also hard to find horror movies with good concepts. There are some of my favorites that check both of those boxes.
  1. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    This is literally one of the scariest concepts ever created. There have been multiple versions but I like the original (1956) for the black and white nostalgia. The (1978) version with Donald Sutherland is also very good and creepy along with a 1993 version. Avoid the most current with Nicole Kidman.
  2. Insidious
    This film oozes atmosphere. Imagine that it's not your house that is haunted, but your child. The realm of the further is one of the scariest things out on screen in a long while. 3 movies strong and they can all chill you to the bone.
  3. The Orphange
    A foreign masterpiece. The Orphanage takes the creepy kid and pushes it to the max. If you are going to take a first step into foreign horror this should be it. Amazing film, story, and atmosphere.
5 more...
  1. Hocus Pocus
    A fun romp through the town we all wish we lived in... The Sanderson sisters bring with them talking cats, friendly zombies and an adventure that is perfect to live through every year to get in the Halloween spirit!
  2. Monster House
    Who hasn't had that creepy neighbors house that you were scared off you didn't even want to let your ball roll into their yard? Monster house brings all those fears to life when some youngsters decide to explore exactly what lies within.
  3. Monster Squad
    A group of kids who love to draw, watch and talk about anything monster related... They are the only ones who can stop the town and world from being destroyed by incarnations of everyone favorite movie monsters. A cult classic.