It's hard to find horror movies that are good. It's also hard to find horror movies with good concepts. There are some of my favorites that check both of those boxes.
  1. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    This is literally one of the scariest concepts ever created. There have been multiple versions but I like the original (1956) for the black and white nostalgia. The (1978) version with Donald Sutherland is also very good and creepy along with a 1993 version. Avoid the most current with Nicole Kidman.
  2. Insidious
    This film oozes atmosphere. Imagine that it's not your house that is haunted, but your child. The realm of the further is one of the scariest things out on screen in a long while. 3 movies strong and they can all chill you to the bone.
  3. The Orphange
    A foreign masterpiece. The Orphanage takes the creepy kid and pushes it to the max. If you are going to take a first step into foreign horror this should be it. Amazing film, story, and atmosphere.
  4. Mirrors
    Only watch this movie if you'll be ok not looking into the mirror for a few days. With a concept that will consume your thoughts well after the film is over, Mirrors will turn an everyday thing into a terrifying situation.
  5. The Ring
    Have you ever been in a theatre and been so scared you pulled your feet up on to the chair and grabbed the person you were with? Well that's what this film did to me when it came out. Truly one the best horror flick ever to be put on screen, see it before someone ruins the ending for you.
  6. Night of the Living Dead
    The OG. Night of the Living Dead is iconic and classic. And on top of that it is still super creepy! The black and white paired with the strange characters just help to make the film reach you on a physiological level. "They're coming for you Barbra!"
  7. The Mist
    Watch this movie now. A fun Stephen King story with some truly terrifying situations involving mob mentality and religion. The real star of this one is its ending. It pulls no punches and that's why it's amazing.
  8. Trick r Treat
    This one embodies Halloween. The best anthology film there is, Trick r Treat tells a series of Halloween tales in one of the most entertaining and fun films of the past decade. If you haven't seen it you should. You'll have a blast.