TV I Watched With My Parents Growing Up

We had one channel-- channel 9 which (was 5 on the dial)-- growing up in the mountains of the Philippines. Our TV was small, red, and black and white.
  1. The Incredible Hulk
    My first crush? And he was green?
  2. Wonder Woman
    My first drawings were of her and airplanes.
  3. Battlestar Galactica
    I didn't understand any of it.
  4. Flordeluna
    There was a scary grandma on this Filipino serial. I think it's still on, too.
  5. You Can't Do That on Television
    We moved to America in 1985 and this was my introduction to cable TV.
  6. Head of the Class
    C'mon Netflix!
  7. Punky Brewster
    I sobbed during Cherry's monologue at her mother's grave.
  8. The Great Space Coaster
    What the?
  9. 3, 2, 1, Contact
    Science and The Bloodhound Gang!
  10. Zoobilee Zoo
    Again, I didn't understand.
  11. Paw Paws
    Sunday morning cartoons!
  12. Isis
    I almost forgot about this show. It was shown when I was in the Philippines and nobody has ever heard of it. I found it on Hulu.. so terribly good!