with some name modifications, ranked by the best to the fucking worst and probably missing 1480 characters due to the 236 different story lines
  1. Jon motherfucking living Snow
  2. Tyrion
  3. The Queen B Dany
  4. Sexy af redhead wilding who can't count
  5. Samwell the pimp Tarly
  6. Ser Jorah let me suck your toes khaleesi Mormont
  7. Varys have we ever seen your hands tho????
  8. Davos Seaworth
  9. Arya what the fuck is going on w your storyline tho Stark
  10. Missandei and dickless grey worm
  11. Jamie why you gotta make us like you so much and then rape your sister next to your son's dead body Lannister
  12. Podrick what did you do to them hookers Payne
  14. Ellaria Sand
  15. Ollena sassy af tyrell
  16. Sansa I'm finally doing the damn thing but also may die in the snow because let's face it greyjoy can't do much to help me and I have THE worst fucking luck Stark
  17. Queen HBIC Margery
  18. Jaqen can't tell if I find you attractive H'gar
  19. Daario I KNOW I find you attractive Naharis
  20. Brienne of Tarth
  21. Hodor? Hodor.
  22. Bronn
  23. Tommen my balls haven't dropped Baratheon
  24. Theon
  25. Melissandre I am prepared to move you into top 10 when you bring Jon back
  26. Pycelle you dirty old man
  27. That other fake ass maester whose name I always forget that loves Cersei and cutting up rats
  28. The high sparrow
  29. The mountain you Frankenstein looking bitch
  30. Littlefinger aka littledick
  31. Allisor Thorne
  32. Cersei i can't fight my own battles Lannister
  33. Ollie you little bastard
  34. Ramsay I'm tryna flay you and hang your skin from my bedroom window Bolton