We found our cat on our porch during the middle of winter almost two years ago. He was starving and the tips of his ears were lost to frostbite. We took him in. Since then, he has become one of the laziest weirdest animals I have ever seen. I love him.
  1. Meet Ebenezer
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  2. Where do your insides go? Remember this is a fat ass cat
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  3. Balls out for the boys
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  4. #notamused
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  5. Taking up 1/4 of the bed
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  6. Swangin
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  7. Breaking up his naps with some OINTB
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  8. He looks like a tadpole
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  9. Don't look at me
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  10. Bunny rabbit
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  11. Overbite life
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  12. 💛💛💛💛
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