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...in every possible way a godly man can. He also made me things. In no real order.
  1. Before we're married
    His first Christmas gift to me circa 1986
  2. Shortly after we were married
    It was one of my centers of focus when failing Lamaze breathing.
  3. Oak and tile table
    For the kitchen of our first house.
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Long in love with the Broadway musical, the spirit of Hugo beckoned me to read his book. Spoilers abound:
  1. Geez! So many words!
  2. Fontine was once a golden haired, pearl-toothed beauty with great modesty. Who knew?!
  3. More convent and monastery fun facts than I can handle.
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So many grapes: so few glasses. I love wine but drink it once a week or less. However, I am in a wine club with some of my dearest friends and those nights are magical. My tastes lean toward the aged, oaked, bold, opulent and buttery (if white). I prefer wine that doesn't require food to taste good. My favorites ranked to the best of my ability.
  1. Cakebread Cabernet Sauvignon - special occasion only due to price. Every sip is heaven.
  2. Stag's Leap Cabernet Sauvignon - For only the most special special occasions, that darn price again. In '76 they won a blind tasting in France against French wines!
  3. Cakebread Cellars Chardonnay - Most buttery Chardonnay I've ever tasted. Also pricey but you can occasionally find a restaurant who will serve by the glass.
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  1. "Hamilton" the musical
    After being obsessed for years with "Alexander Hamilton" the biography by Ron Chernow.
  2. Lin-Manuel Miranda
    See above. He's a genius.
  3. Joanna Gaines #themagnoliamom
    Loved their show (#fixerupper on HGTV) before it was popular and now they have written their first book! Their love for each other, family and Christ. Enough said.
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Local celebs playing 18 holes to benefit a great cause
  1. I accepted because my boss asked me
  2. We worked at a Christian non-profit
  3. I stayed up late, the night before, brushing up on my evangelism tools
    You know: sharing the Gospel and explaining the ABCs: Accept, Believe, Confess.
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  1. Sushi bridge
    Eric took this to show my delight in raw fish
  2. Asian Hunter
    Used this funnel to keep the wind from blowing out his candles. Next thing, it's in his head. So Brombyesque.
  3. Again with the things on heads
    Can't remember but I think this was at the housewarming @campbelltayb and I threw.
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A local theater is showing "Purple Rain". Regrettably, I never saw Prince in concert but I hear his voice in my head a lot. I head to the theater with my tissues. This is not a review of the movie, merely my reactions to the pure Prince of it.
  1. I well up when I hear the first chord - "Let's Go Crazy". "Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down - oh no! Let's go..." Wasn't our sweet Prince found in an elevator? We don't even know the details yet but I feel so sad that he died alone, perhaps in an elevator.
  2. Prince is beautiful - his eyes especially. His smile, rare in the film, is sweet.
  3. He seems out of his element acting - until he gets on stage. He's not acting there; he is in his own skin. And he owns it!
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while grounded from foot surgery
  1. checking up on blogger friend posts
    you people inspire, provoke thought and make me a better blogger.
  2. catching up on the last three seasons of "The Office"
    never stopped loving Jim and Pam, finally started loving Michael.
  3. reading all 1488 pages of Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables"
    so much more to the story; Jean ValJean even more a picture of grace embraced.
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He really is the best person I know. I had to stop at some point or this would be the list that never ends.
  1. He puts others above himself
  2. He can fix every. single. thing.
  3. He has shown me a love that I have never known
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  1. My life is lived by lists
  2. My favorite people love the list app
  3. I am inspired by the lists I've read
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