1. "Hamilton" the musical
    After being obsessed for years with "Alexander Hamilton" the biography by Ron Chernow.
  2. Lin-Manuel Miranda
    See above. He's a genius.
  3. Joanna Gaines #themagnoliamom
    Loved their show (#fixerupper on HGTV) before it was popular and now they have written their first book! Their love for each other, family and Christ. Enough said.
  4. Essential oils
    Still work to fix mild nausea, sleeplessness, mild dizziness and to ward off colds.
  5. MadMen
    Forever. This book is a gift from one of the few who agree, Mary.
  6. MidMod anything
    Especially barware and napkins. This tray was a gift from my artsy-est friend, Donna.
  7. James Corden
    Carpool Karaoke is my most favorite thing ever. Did you see Lin-Manuel Miranda?
  8. Gilmore Girls
    Dear Netflix - when?
  9. Wine Club
    Best night every 60 days or so.
  10. Book club
    Best night every 30 days or so.
  11. The Lord of the Rings
    The books and the movies, especially "Return of the King". So very parallel to Jesus. Thanks to @amieshmamie for reminding me of my obsession!
  12. 30Rock
    I know, very late to this party. How did I not know how hilarious this show was/is?