My Husband Made Me... every possible way a godly man can. He also made me things. In no real order.
  1. Before we're married
    His first Christmas gift to me circa 1986
  2. Shortly after we were married
    It was one of my centers of focus when failing Lamaze breathing.
  3. Oak and tile table
    For the kitchen of our first house.
  4. A treasure box of cedar
    In my case, buttons, my favorite toy at my grandmother's.
  5. A heart
    Just because.
  6. Bookshelves
    Two sizes to fit in a corner of our first house. Solid oak.
  7. A coat rack for the mud room
    Or maybe he made this for himself! :) notice nothing feminine hanging!
  8. Laundry near the bedrooms
    So smart!
  9. A linen closet
    In the master closet.
  10. A tray
    On which to carry things.
  11. A bracelet
    The wooden beads.
  12. A bowl
    Each one he creates takes on its own life.
  13. A bridge
    With the most beautiful inscription that remains our secret.
  14. A MidMod mirror
    More beautiful than the table he matched.
  15. A library
    I love the maker more than the made, but I SO LOVE this room! From any angle!
  16. A card catalogue for the library
    I know, can you believe it? It is perfection. Dovetailed drawers. (My "to read" stack atop.)
  17. A stepping stool
    Originally for @campbelltayb in college, now for the library.
  18. A tray
    In which to store things.
  19. A vase and tulips
    Second only to his two lips :) I think he was inspired by a trip to Holland.
  20. World's longest mantel
    1999. Still love it.
  21. A potting shed
    Hey, I've always wanted a greenhouse.
  22. Wine stoppers
  23. Wine stopper holder
    His own design - genius!
  24. Wine rack
  25. Oh, and a pantry to go around the wine rack!
  26. Spice rack for the pantry
  27. TV trays
    Or breakfast in bed trays! The legs fold. Of course.
  28. A jewelry box
    For treasures he's given me including crystal perfume bottles from his trips abroad. (You can see the cross he helped @hunterb make me!)
  29. Shelves for canvases
    Of my favorite wines' labels!
  30. MidMod lamps
    I. Can't. Even.
  31. And every day he makes me grateful that God picked him for me.
  32. How could I forget the gardening box? I use it so rarely lately, but I love it!