He really is the best person I know. I had to stop at some point or this would be the list that never ends.
  1. He puts others above himself
  2. He can fix every. single. thing.
  3. He has shown me a love that I have never known
  4. He is a devoted dad
  5. He is so stinking funny
    I have literally fallen off of furniture laughing with him
  6. He will help ANYone with ANYthing
  7. He will try anything (food and otherwise)
  8. He gave his heart to Jesus
  9. He is passionate about teaching others
    and has the temperament for teaching even me
  10. He is so smart
    particularly in math, engineering, science and Star Wars trivia
  11. He uses his vacation time to serve on mission trips
  12. He is thoughtful
    In the most deliberate ways
  13. He does not make hasty decisions
    thoroughly researching, weighing options and praying
  14. He has perseverance
    that keeps him from giving up on broken people and things
  15. His hobby is building things for other people
  16. He holds the rare combination of engineering genius and patience with those who don't
  17. You will never hear him complain
  18. He would rather serve as part of team than be a superstar
    yet he has superstardom within his grasp
  19. He is a geek of the first order
    but somehow makes it look cool
  20. He honors his mother and father
  21. He sees great potential in me
    when I have lost sight of any at all
  22. He is the romantic to my pragmatist
  23. He takes care of me
    in every imaginable way
  24. He does not believe in throwing others under the bus EVER
    often accepting blame that he doesn't deserve
  25. The man will not use a curse word