A local theater is showing "Purple Rain". Regrettably, I never saw Prince in concert but I hear his voice in my head a lot. I head to the theater with my tissues. This is not a review of the movie, merely my reactions to the pure Prince of it.
  1. I well up when I hear the first chord - "Let's Go Crazy". "Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down - oh no! Let's go..." Wasn't our sweet Prince found in an elevator? We don't even know the details yet but I feel so sad that he died alone, perhaps in an elevator.
  2. Prince is beautiful - his eyes especially. His smile, rare in the film, is sweet.
  3. He seems out of his element acting - until he gets on stage. He's not acting there; he is in his own skin. And he owns it!
  4. His character "The Kid" wears a cross in almost every scene. Prince was a believer. "God" is lovely. His genesis.
  5. Darling Nikki" - wow! Not just the lyrics but his stage performance. He's shirtless and oiled up. Could not stop watching him. No lust involved, I promise. Just mesmerized by his beauty and talent.
  6. "Purple Rain" brought a flood. Glad for those tissues.
  7. He was only 26 when he filmed the movie, but the music was written before. We barely saw the beginning of his talent.
  8. "I Would Die For You" is to die for in this film.
  9. I never saw him in concert and now I never will. I almost did today.